Take to the Sky is a story-focused weekly podcast dedicated to our shared secret obsession: air disasters.

If you’re a fan of air travel, true crime, aviation history, and storytelling, there’s a good chance this podcast is for you. If you can’t seem to look away every time a cable news station runs 24/7 coverage of a plane crash, you’re not alone—and you’ll love spending time with us!

Every Thursday, we share a new story about some of the noteworthy plane crashes and air disasters that have made headlines over the years. In addition to discussing the facts, we also talk about the people and legacies that have led to improvements in flight safety. We’re here to share the facts, details, and surprises behind some of the disasters that occur at 35,000 feet. Most of all, we want to have fun. And it’s OK to have fun talking about plane crashes. Really. We promise.

You can listen to our episodes right here or find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and several other podcast platforms. You won't believe the stories some flights have to tell!
Image Source: Pixabay

Meet your hosts!

Shelly Price

Shelly’s air disaster obsession started at a young age with the Challenger explosion, and since then she has followed air disaster stories with a fervor. After conquering her own fear of flying, Shelly now loves to travel around the world – especially on airplanes!

When she’s not podcasting with her cohost and spirit animal, Stephanie, Shelly loves to binge true crime podcasts, kickbox in an old barn, and hang with her family in a far, far away place called West Virginia (and, yes, that is a separate state).

Stephanie Hubka

Stephanie created a minor air disaster on a cross-country flight when her two-year-old fist latched onto a woman’s hair and pulled on it until she screamed. Although she’s (usually) better behaved now, even on long flights, her fascination with air disasters almost certainly stems from that moment.

Stephanie is a storyteller, a travel writer, and a fan of hot tea and good wine—both of which pair well with Take to the Sky. When she’s not flying around the globe for business or fun, she loves to explore the world around her home on the Virginia side of Washington, DC.