Episode 119: Itavia Flight 870

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On the evening of June 27, 1980, Itavia Flight 870, with 81 people onboard, crashed into the Tyrrhenian Sea near Sicily. In the preceding decades, Itavia 870 became known for its complicated investigations that took twists and turns, a public that pointed to conspiracies, a judiciary that alleged coverups, and conclusions that divided investigators. Join Shelly in this episode of Take to the Sky: The Air Disaster Podcast as she takes us back to the crash and to its victims' stories and a discusssion about what we can learn from the complicated history forever known as The Ustica Massacre.

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This week we're catching up on how busy the skies were this summer! You heard us mention three different stories as we started the episode; learn more about each of them here!

Tamaron Nicklas: a Southwest Airlines first officer returning to the skies after a 24-year break from flying

A Southwest Airlines captain who threatened to turn a plane around due to inappropriate Airdrop photos

Two Air France pilots fighting mid-flight

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Written and produced by: Shelly Price and Stephanie Hubka
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Itavia Flight 870

Reassembled wreckage of the bombed Itavia Flight 870. Source: Luca Ghedini

Itavia Flight 870

The aircraft that was Itavia Flight 870