Episode 87: Pan Am Flight 103

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In part one of this special two-part episode of Take to the Sky: the Air Disaster Podcast, we explore the bombing of Pan Am 103, which claimed the lives of 270 people, as well as the complex and complicated investigation that followed, and why some believe the complete truth about who is really to blame has yet to be discovered.

Air disasters are never soulless or faceless, and we believe that air disasters are best understood and remembered through the stories of those who lived, those who died, those who were left behind. In the second part of our two-part episode, we share stories of Pan Am Flight 103's victims, their families, and the communities that were changed forever.

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Pan Am Flight 103

The devastation done to Lockerbie, Scotland, caused by the wreckage and fiery debris of Pan Am Flight 103. Source: REX

Pan Am Flight 103

Lockerbie Memorial Cairn at Arlington National Cemetery. Source: Arlington National Cemetery

Pan Am Flight 103

A mock-up of the Semtex-loaded Toshiba tape deck that blew up Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie In 1988. Source: Getty

Pan Am Flight 103

Members of the Cycle to Syracuse team with the Otenasek family and Harford County Sheriff's Office. Source: Baltimore Sun

Pan Am Flight 103

Lockerbie Garden of Remembrance. Source: Undiscovered Scotland

Pan Am Flight 103

The Place of Remembrance at Syracuse. Source: Syracuse University