Patreon Episode: The VSS Enterprise Crash

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While commercial space travel is still a future dream, progress requires space flight companies to experiment with spacecraft to ensure these vehicles are safe for human flight. And on October 31, 2014, while the VSS Enterprise, a SpaceShip2-type spacecraft of Virgin Galactic, was performing a crucial test flight above the Mojave Desert, things went suddenly - and terribly - wrong. Join Shelly for this Patreon-exclusive episode of Take to the Sky: the Air Disaster Podcast, as we explore what happened and how this accident has paved the way for safer commercial space flights in the future.
The VSS Enterprise Crash

Image of SpaceShipTwo while attached to its launch plane WhiteKnightTwo. Source: Virgin

The VSS Enterprise Crash

SpaceShipTwo in flight. Source: Virgin

The VSS Enterprise Crash

Image from tail mounted camera right before the breakup. Source: NTSB