Patreon Episode: Air Transat Flight 236

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This Patreon-exclusive episode of Take to the Sky: the Air Disaster Podcast shares an unforgettable story that starts at 39,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. Stephanie tells the story of Captain Robert Piché and First Officer Dirk de Jager as they realize something seems off when looking at their A330's fuel readings. What happens next is terrifying and inspiring at the same time, and it left aviation a safer place and provided some incredible insights into the neuroscience of traumatic events that benefit people to this day.

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Written and produced by: Shelly Price and Stephanie Hubka
Directed and engineered at: Snow Monster Studios
Sound editor: Podcast Engineers
Producer: Adam Hubka
Music by: Mike Dunn
Air Transat Flight 236

Captain Robert Piché. Source: Air Transat

Air Transat Flight 236

The A330 after landing in the Azores. Source: We Are the Mighty

Air Transat Flight 236

The hydraulic line and fuel line associated with the right engine as seen in the accident report. Source: Aviation Chief

Air Transat Flight 236

Air Transat Flight 236 landing gear that dug into the runway. Source: FAA