Episode 47: Alaska Airlines Flight 261

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Many professionals have behind-the-scenes jobs to do that help keep a plane flying safely, from maintenance personnel all the way to the flight crew. But what happens if someone does not do their job in the right way, setting off a sequence of events that end in disaster? In this episode of Take to the Sky: The Air Disaster Podcast, Shelly shares the story of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, an air disaster that reminded everyone of what happens when profit is prioritized over safety.

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Show Notes:

In this episode, Shelly and Stephanie talked about scary road rage incidents that left them unsettled. Have you been involved in or seen a scary road rage incident? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and let us know!

Shelly and Stephanie also talk books: here is what we're reading now! Share your favorites with us on social media as well!
Shelly's book recommendation - Julie Orringer: The Flight Portfolio
Stephanie's book recommendation - Anne Napolitano: Dear Edward


Written and produced by: Shelly Price and Stephanie Hubka
Directed and engineered at: Snow Monster Studios
Sound editing by: Stephanie Hubka
Graphic design and website by: Adam Hubka
Music by: Mike Dunn
Alaska Airlines Flight 261

Re-creation of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 in-flight inversion

Alaska Airlines Flight 261

The Sundial Memorial for Victims of Alaska Airlines Flight 261. Source: Lost-at-sea-memorials.com

Alaska Airlines Flight 261

An MD-83 aircraft similar to the aircraft that was Flight 261. Source: Wikipedia