Episode 5: Germanwings Flight 9525

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Join Shelly in this episode of Take to the Sky: The Air Disaster Podcast as she tells the tale of an airplane that suddenly disappears over the French Alps. And the truth of the air disaster reveals the horrors within a troubled mind.

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Show Notes:

Themes in this episode my be difficult for some listeners. If you or someone you know is having difficulty dealing with thoughts of suicide or with depression, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline in the US at 1-800-273-8255. And if listening outside the US, please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention to locate a crisis center near you.

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Written and produced by: Shelly Price and Stephanie Hubka
Directed and engineered by: Crosse deStreit, Salmon Pond Studios
Graphic design and website by: Adam Hubka
Sound editing and music by: Mike Dunn
Germanwings Flight 9525

Image Credit: Yves Malenfer, French Interior Ministry

Image Credit: Emmanuel Foudrot/Reuters

Germanwings Flight 9525

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Germanwings Flight 9525

Memorial for the victims of the Germanwings 4U 9525 in Le Vernet, France. Image credit: Wikipedia

Germanwings Flight 9525

The aircraft involved, in May 2014. Image Credit: Sebastien Mortier/Wikipedia