Layover Episode: The Life and Legacy of Kara Hultgreen

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Kara Hultgreen had seemingly limitless aspirations: she wanted to be an astronaut, and she wanted to fly fighter jets. When she became the US Navy's first female carrier-based fighter pilot, one of those dreams became a reality, paving the way for other women with sky-high dreams of their own. After a tragic accident in the Pacific Ocean, Kara's legacy became intertwined with controversy, policy, and nagging questions about the role of women in the military. Join Stephanie for this month's Layover Episode of Take to the Sky: the Air Disaster Podcast, where we take a look at the lessons learned from her powerful story.
Kara Hultgreen

Kara Hultgreen with the F-14. Source: Wikipedia

Kara Hultgreen

The F-14 wreckage after being recovered from the Pacific Ocean. Source:

Kara Hultgreen

A tribute to Kara Hultgreen. Source: Women Pilot Magazine