Patreon Episode: Sabena Flight 548

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On February 15, 1961, Sabena Flight 548 was carrying a plane full of travelers across the Atlantic Ocean. Among the passengers was the entire US Figure Skating team as they looked ahead to participating in the World Championships in Prague. Minutes before their scheduled arrival, the plane aborted its landing, beginning a series of unexpected maneuvers that resulted in a tragic crash. In this Patreon-exclusive episode, join Stephanie as she tells the story of what happened, what we learned, and how the legacy and memory of those on board made travel safer and fuels generation of skaters to this day.
Sabena Flight 548

The Sports Illustrated magazine with Laurence Owen on the cover, which was recovered from the crash scene. Source:

Sabena Flight 548

The famous photo of the US figure skating team as they boarded Sabena Flight 548 for Brussels. Source: Washington Post

Sabena Flight 548

Sabena Flight 548 crash site. Source: Today