Episode 62: Singapore Airlines Flight 006

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As a typhoon crawled toward Taiwan, Singapore Airlines Flight 006 began its taxi toward the runway, and the flight crew was prepared for a slippery but safe departure toward calmer skies en route to Los Angeles. Before the plane was airborne, a frightening observation from the cockpit threatened the lives of every person on board. In this week's episode of Take to the Sky: The Air Disaster Podcast, Stephanie walks us through the events and decisions that contributed to the first fatal flight in the airline's history and questioned how the plane ended up in a perilous position.

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In this episode, we share listener-submitted phobias: do you have anything in common with our community? We also wrap up with some good news from our world; don't forget to share yours with us for a possible mention on a future episode!


Written and produced by: Shelly Price and Stephanie Hubka
Directed and engineered at: Snow Monster Studios
Sound editor: Stephanie Hubka
Producer: Adam Hubka
Music by: Mike Dunn
Singapore Airlines Flight 006

The wreckage from Singapore Airlines Flight 006. Source: Tailstrike

Singapore Airlines Flight 006

Officials survey the site of the crash. Source: Wikipedia

Singapore Airlines Flight 006

Wreckage from Singapore Airlines Flight 006. Source: Wikipedia