Patreon Episode: Soyuz 11

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Exclusive for Podcrashers:

When the Space Race began, the United States and the Soviet Union were quick to use teams and technology in an effort to reach space first. Before long, records were beaten just as quickly as they were set: satellites were launched, men walked on the moon, and space stations capable of housing people for weeks were sent into orbit. In this month's Patreon-exclusive episode of Take to the Sky: the Air Disaster Podcast, Stephanie tells the story of three Soviet cosmonauts who spent three weeks in space as part of the Soyuz 11 mission in 1971, the triumph and tragedy that defined their time in space, and the lasting impact they made on space exploration.

The Soyuz 11 capsule after landing. Source: NASA

The crew of Soyuz 11 during mission practice. L-R: V. I. Patsayev, G. T. Dobrovolskiy, and V. N. Volkov. Source: NASA

Soyuz 11 liftoff