Episode 58: Swissair Flight 111

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By the time Swissair Flight 111 reached its cruising altitude in the evening hours of September 2, 1998, there was no reason to expect anything other than a safe flight. Less than an hour after takeoff, a strange smell in the cockpit indicated something was wrong— and it would take more than four years before the world would know exactly what that was. In this week's episode of Take to the Sky: the Air Disaster Podcast, Stephanie walks us through what happened and what we learned from a disaster whose legacy shaped aviation as we know it today.

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We start off with a story about a very different air disaster: an Australian flight that was surprisingly forced to quarantine after a delayed takeoff was impacted by new rules at their destination. We wrap up with a discussion on evil pets inspired by Prancer, a chihuahua described by his foster mom as a "Chucky doll in a dog's body." If you have evil pets of your own, tag us on social media with a photo- we would love to meet them (we think...).


Written and produced by: Shelly Price and Stephanie Hubka
Directed and engineered at: Snow Monster Studios
Sound editor: Stephanie Hubka
Producer: Adam Hubka
Music by: Mike Dunn
Swissair Flight 111

Transportation Safety Board investigators look at Swissair Flight 111's fuselage. Source: AP

Swissair Flight 111

Swissair Flight 111 memorial in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia. Source: Wikipedia

Swissair Flight 111

The recovered cargo door from Swissair Flight 111. Source: Wikipedia

Swissair Flight 111

The partially reconstructed cockpit from Swissair Flight 111. Source: Global News