Episode 57: TAROM Flight 371

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In episode 57 of Take to the Sky: the Air Disaster Podcast, we explore the story of TAROM Flight 371, which crashed shortly after takeoff on March 31, 1995 in the small town of Balotești, Romania. The investigation soon uncovers a series of unfortunate events that unfolded in the cockpit: a faulty auto throttle system that created a power imbalance in the plane’s engines, an incapacitated captain who as unable to perform critical flight duties, and a first officer who found himself in an untenable situation and who quickly became too overwhelmed to perform corrective measures. Ultimately, these actions led to the worst plane crash on Romanian soil.

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In this week's episode we talk about the return of brunch, Zoom weddings, an how we're doing with our quarantine hobbies. Let us know if you have been up to anything similar- and what you're looking forward to in the coming months!


Written and produced by: Shelly Price and Stephanie Hubka
Directed and engineered at: Snow Monster Studios
Sound editor: Stephanie Hubka
Producer: Adam Hubka
Music by: Mike Dunn
Tarom Flight 371

The actual accident aircraft. Source: Aero Icarus

A Belgian expert searches through the debris of Tarom Flight 371. Source: Aviation24.be

Tarom Flight 371

Wreckage of Tarom Flight 371. Source: aviation-accidents.net

Tarom Flight 371

Tarom Flight 371 memorial stone near the crash site. Source: Adriano on Flickr