Episode 140: Varig Flight 254

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For passengers on the final leg of Varig Flight 254, they couldn't land in Belém, Brazil soon enough; their trip began moments after kickoff for an important football match, and everyone was anxious to know whether Brazil would win and advance to the 1990 World Cup. In this week's episode of Take to the Sky: The Air Disaster Podcast, Stephanie tells the story of why Flight 254 took hours longer than expected, how the plane went unthinkably and unbelievably off course, and how every life onboard was at risk even before the plane taxied to the runway.

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Varig Flight 254

The cockpit of Varig Flight 254's 737 after the crash. Source: Air Disasters (Twitter)

Varig Flight 254

The intended flight path compared to the one the 737 eventually took. Source: Desastres Aéreos

Varig Flight 254

Inside the main cabin. Source: Desastres Aéreos

A view of the 737 after the crash. Source: Admiral Cloudberg